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AbilityElem.Damage pointsDOT

Grenade (no mod)56

Phalanx Shield (capacity)225
Sabre Turret Health150
Sabre Turret Health (with Longbow)315
Sabre Turret Bullet7.24
Sabre Turret Bullet (with Scorched Earth or Double Up)6.3
Sabre Turret Bullet (with Scorched Earth and Double Up)5.55
Scorched Earth Rocket6.3
Scorched Earth Rocket (additional splash damage)7.56
Scorched Earth Rocket (with Double Up)5.55
Scorched Earth Rocket (additional splash damage, with Double Up)6.66
Nuke (small radius explosion)120
Nuke (large radius explosion)40.5
Nuke (Fire DOT)6/sec (total: 6)

Shock Storm (per second, lasts about 2 seconds)164/sec (total: 4)
Shock and "AAAGGGGHHH!"168/sec (total: 8)
Interspersed outburst (5 stacks)128
Death From Above40
Deathtrap Health500
Deathtrap Melee22.5
Explosive Clap117
The Stare (per second, lasts about 3 seconds)56.252.8/sec (total: 2.8)
One Two Boom14022.5/sec (total: 22.5)
Robot Rampage (base per strike, 9 strikes)14

Light the Fuse (stick)12
Light the Fuse (suicide explosion)90
Hellfire Halitosis (per second)486/sec (total: 6)
Raving Retribution Fireball486/sec (total: 6)
Melee (base, no bladed attachment) 16

Phaselock (on non-phaselockable targets)200
Scorn (per second)8
Helios108/sec (total: 8)
Cloud Kill (per second, lasts 5 seconds)1281/sec (total: 1)
Backdraft Melee20.8/sec (total: 0.8)
Backdraft Nova34.258/sec (total: 8)
Blight Phoenix (max per second, Fire)8.42.6/sec (total: 2.6)
Blight Phoenix (max per second, Corrosive)8.42.6/sec (total: 2.6)
Ruin (Slag)8
Ruin (Shock)88/sec (total: 8)
Ruin (Corrosive)88/sec (total: 8)

Unf0rseen1605/sec (total: 5)
Death Bl0ss0m (single Kunai hit)2.2
Death Bl0ss0m (single Kunai elemental explosion)14.4
Death Bl0ss0m (single Kunai elemental explosion)14.410/sec (total: 10)
Death Bl0ss0m (single Kunai elemental explosion)14.410/sec (total: 10)
Death Bl0ss0m (single Kunai elemental explosion)14.410/sec (total: 10)
Death Bl0ss0m (single Kunai elemental explosion)14.4

Number of skill points
All values are given for skills at 1/1 or 5/5. In most cases, the damage is proportional to the number of points in the skill, so the damage will be double at 10/5 (only exception, afaik, is Interspersed Outburst: the damage depends only on the number of stacks, and is the same at 1/5 or 10/5).

Some of the values given above may be approximative (especially for DOTs), but most should be pretty accurate, with less than 1% error. It's possible that a more consequent error slipped in somewhere; let me know here if you find one.

Most things are identical on console and PC/mac. But the damage of Deathtrap and of the Sabre Turret scale quite differently. The SkillScalingPatch (SSP) tries to fix these issues, and other bugs/inconsistencies with the scaling (e.g. Ruin, Light the Fuse). Will be available soon.

Some skills have a chance to apply an elemental effect with damage over time (DOT). Those that already deal damage over a certain time (e.g. Cloud Kill, Shock Storm, The Stare,..) may apply multiple DOTs, but the damage here is always given for a single one.

Special resistances and weaknesses
Some enemies have special resistances or weaknesses: a modifier that comes on top of the usual element matching modifier (e.g. Corrosive vs. Armor). These special resistances/weaknesses are not accounted for, but you can find them here.

The values given here are for single player. Most will be the same in multiplayer, except for Deathtrap and the Sabre Turret (both have more health and do more damage in multiplayer, at least on console).